CMM Retrofits

Bobier retrofit solutions ensures that your complex measuring equipment and readouts are running to specifications. All retrofits are complete with certification traceable to NIST and backed by A2LA. Bobier allows you the flexibility to choose from several brands of CMM software and probing systems for your specific budget and needs.Upon completion of a CMM retrofit, we error compensate measuring volume, thoroughly test your machine, and certify to A2LA ISO/IEC 17025. We are confident in all our work and offer one year warranty on all our retrofits.


Most CMM structures are not subject to high levels of wear and remain serviceable for many years. However software, control systems, and sensors can become out-dated as new faster more capable ones are introduced. Upgrading your CMM can give it a new lease of life. Click here to read more.


Renishaw’s UCC controller range optimizes the CMM/Probe interface for maximum throughput and accuracy. Ideal for OEM and retrofit applications on a wide variety of CMMs, these flexible controllers provide advanced touch-trigger and scanning algorithms, which allow fast, accurate, adaptive part measurement. Click here to read more.


Motorized indexing probe heads are designed to position the probe at one of 720 positions, so probing can be carried out at many different angles. The repeatability of the head allows to recall those positions without the need for requalification, saving operator time and applying the probe to the surface at the best angle for the most accurate result. Click here to read more.


Renishaw’s new MODUS metrology software makes sophisticated measurement simple. It provides a powerful platform to develop and run inspection programs, including full support for its revolutionary REVO 5-axis measurement technology. Click here to read more.


Bobier Metrology is pleased to introduce an exciting new product to our customers: ScanWorks XYZ. This simple, affordable retrofit kit adds 3D laser scanning capability to any CMM or multi-axis numerically controlled mover. Click here to read more.