Lab Capabilities

Our customers demand fast accurate results using state of the art, repeatable accurate metrology equipment.
Be assured, Bobier Metrology Solutions will deliver!

Bobier offers a full range of  measuring capabilities, including 3D Scanning, Touch Probe, Laser, and Vision. Other specialties include Surface & Roundness Measurements, and Portable CMM Services at your location or ours.

The services Bobier offers are globally recognized as best in class.  Our services meet and exceed customers’ needs due to extensive training, skilled staffing, and expert calibration. Bobier continues the tradition of exceptional customer care and support… Keeping our customers coming back for over 70 years.


  • Contact & Non-Contact Measuring
    • Touch Probe/Scanning Probe
    • Laser Scanning
    • Optical/Vision Systems
  • Dimensional Inspection Services
    • CMM Programming for customer parts and gages
    • Independent/3rd Party Analysis
    • Fixture/Tooling/Gaging Inspection & Verificationlab3_cropped
    • Injection Mold Certification
    • Fit, Form, Function
    • Surface Finish Using MAHR
    • Submicron Scanning CMMs
    • Profilometer – Large Irregular Surface
    • Roundness Gage
    • PPAP Layout/Verification
    • CMM Software Training
  • Quality Services
    • Part Capability Studies (Cpk, Ppk)
    • GR&R Studies
    • PPAPs
    • Gage Set-Up & Calibration Instructions
    • Mapping/Part Digitalization
    • Reverse Engineering/Print Development w/CAD Export
    • Print Development
    • Cross Sectioning
    • Scanning & Digitalization
    • Basic & Advanced Metrology/Dimensional Measurement Training
    • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T) Training
  • Data Reporting
    • 3D Solid Model Component Representation
    • Pictorial Output – Graphical Display of Measured Results
    • A Certificate of Calibration – Inspection is provided with every part/fixture calibrated or inspected
    • Pass/Fail Criteria and Pass/Fail Analysis
  • Calibration Services
    • Ring Gages
    • Calipers
    • Micrometers
    • Depth Micometers
    • Plug Gages
    • Gage Balls – Calibration Spheres
  • Laser Scanning
    • Part-to-CAD Inspections
    • Fixture Verification
    • Part & Positioning & Alignment
    • Door/Hood/Trunk Closure Testing
    • Real-Time 3D-6D Feedback

ALL SERVICES ARE TRACEABLE TO ISO/IEC 17025 – A2LA Accredited Certificate 1526.01



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