With over 60 years of metrology experience in Automotive, Alternative Energy, Aerospace, Medical, and Military industries. Bobier Metrology Solutions continues to own and operate state of the art metrology inspection equipment. Our in-house dimensional laboratory is one of the most accurate dimensional inspection facilities in the Midwest. We can provide you with the most accurate inspection service results utilizing our in-house dimensional laboratory or on-site with our mobile calibration department.

The products and services Bobier offers are globally recognized as best in class. However, unless our customers can effectively use our products, and only if our services meet their real needs, all the recognition in the world is meaningless. By offering extensive training, skilled staffing, and expert calibration and repair, as well as responsive action to every customer concern, Bobier continues the tradition of exceptional customer care and support… keeping our customers coming back.


         In-House Calibration Services                                                                                                        On-Site Calibration Services