Used Equipment

Are budget restrictions hindering your search for a suitable equipment?  If so, have you considered purchasing used equipment rather than new? All used equipment that we sell has our certified stamp of quality approval.


Standard CMMs: Our factory trained Used CMM technicians have taken each CMM on our website and disassembled, cleaned, replaced all the scales, read heads, wiring, controller and probe head, then re-assembled to better than new condition. Every CMM listed on our website is tested and ready for delivery to your facility.


Portable CMMs: We have portable used CMMs in order to help you get reliable equipment at a lower cost.


Optical Comparators: S-T Industries has over 60 years experience manufacturing optical comparators. Combine that with Bobier’s world class service making S-T comparators the best you can buy.


ST Lenses: We stock orignial S-T Optical Comparator parts. All of our parts offered have been taken off S-T Optical Comparators we have purchased to rebuild.