Scanworks XYZ



Bobier Metrology is pleased to introduce an exciting new product to our customers: ScanWorks xyz.

ScanWorks xyz synchronizes our CMM’s position with perceptron industry accurate laser scanning technology to capture complex geometries. After scanning the part, the resulting point cloud is transferred to PolyWorks software for inspection, reverse engineering, prototyping, virtual assembly and advanced analysis.

This simple, affordable retrofit kit adds 3D laser scanning capability to any CMM or multi-axis numerically controlled mover.

  • Switch between laser scanning and touch probing
  • Installs in a few hours
  • No costly or complicated CMM controller update
  • Works with CNCs and manual CMMs
  • More affordable than articulated arm scanning
  • Scans directly into PolyWorks point cloud software
  • 0.024mm (.001″) sensor accuracy

3D laser scanning adds a whole new dimension of capability to your CMM. Point cloud data from Scanworks xyz is used for:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Part inspection to CAD
  • Engineering design and analysis
  • Mold and tool making
  • Digital modeling