IK5000 Quadra-Chek

This advanced software application for coordinate measurement machines (CMM), features a graphical user interface for simple point and click operation. The IK5000 Quadra-Chek measures part features using the simplest geometric components: points. Lines can be created from two points, circles from three points, and cones from six points. Simply probe the points and the IK5000 Quadra-Chek measures the feature.


  • Measurement of two-dimentional features (2D)ik50001
  • Measurement of three-dimentional features (3D)
  • Point measurement with crosshairs
  • Programming of features and parts
  • Measure Magic: automatic recognition of geometries
  • Graphic display of measurement results
  • Entry tolerance

Error Compensation:

  • Linear, and segmented linear over any number of points
  • Squareness calibration
  • Matrix compensation over any number of points

Dimensions: 100 x 250mm

Display: By PC screen