Renishaw’s REVO 5-axis Measurement System

Revo is a dynamic new measuring head and probe system from Renishaw. A revolutionary new product designed to maximize CMM throuhgput while maintaining high system accuracy.

Revo enables unrivaled performance and speed. Unlike conventional scanning methods, 5-axis scanning uses synchronized motion of CMM and head axes to minimize the machine’s dynamic errors at ultra-high scanning speeds. Up to 500mm is possible without any loss in accuracy.


Improves AccuracyREVO

The motions of high measurement speeds of CMMs affect the measurement outcomes and accuracy. The REVO system minimizes this by allowing the REVO-2 probe to do the fast moving, while the CMM has a slow linear movement.

Variety Options

REVO offers a variety of REVO-2 probe options including RSP2, RSP3, SFP1, RSP3-6, and RVP. Each probe providing your system with different capabilities.

Decrease Calibration Time

REVO-2 allows measurement in any position from a single operation. This is done using a table mounted sphere to determine the actual head and probe geometry. REVO-2 requires only 20 minutes for calibration time.