Get the highest accuracy over the largest measurement volume with the optical CMM that delivers fast, repeatable results- the PRO CMM


PRO CMM Optical Tracker

At the core of the PRO CMM system is a real-time optical tracker based on high-speed photogrammetry technology. The PRO CMM delivers reliable results anywhere on the shop floor, and has a durable, solid state design with no moving parts. Achieve measurement accuracy up to 35µm over a measurement volume up to 35m3 – the best of any portable, optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM) in its class.

Dynamic Part Referencing (DPR)

With Dynamic Part Referencing, the measurement system is automatically referenced and re-referenced into part coordinates. Unwanted movement (even imperceptible vibration) is continuously measured  and automatically compensated for within the measurement observation. An operator can move the part, fixture, even the tracker, and the system will automatically maintain accurate alignment.

Multi-Sided Probe (MSP)

Each Multi-Side Probe is rigidly designed and factory characterized to ensure accurate measurement regardless of probe NDI 1orientation. When attached to a pre-calibrated probe tip, you can easily inspect visible or hidden features anywhere within the PRO CMM measurement volume. Attach the MSP to a laser line scanner such as the ScanTRAK, or mount it as a rigid body for high-speed 6DOF tracking.


The Benefits of A Portable Optical CMM

Accuracy PRO CMM System Laser Tracker Articulating Arms
Volumetric Accuracy at 7.5m 112µm 60 µm 179 µm
Application Accuracy 35 µm 25 µm 45 µm
Probing Accuracy- Sphere Radius 30 µm 34 µm N/A
Probing Accuracy- Single Point Repeatability 20 µm N/A 141 µm
Scanner Accuracy 24 µm 20 µm 30 µm
Shop Floor Performance
Single Station Measurement 6.0m 50m 4.5m
Measure Moving Parts

(Dynamic Part Referencing)

Yes No No
Vibration Compensation Yes No No
Simultaneously Measure Multiple Targets Yes No No
Reliability Solid State Encoder Base Encoder Base
Measurement Versatility
Scalability to Extend Measurement Volume MultiTRAK



Leapfrog Leapfrog
Dynamic Motion Measurement 6DOF 6DOF No
Hidden Point Probing Yes Yes Yes
Probe and Scanner Operation 1-handed 1-handed 2-handed
Probe Weight 325g 570g-1140g Counterbalanced
Scanner Weight 945g 1140g-1200g Counterbalanced



Dynamic Measuring Machine (DMM)
Measure the dynamic behavior of parts, structures and assemblies over large measurement volumes, from subtle movements to broad motions. The Dynamic Measuring Machine (DMM) option for the PRO CMM tracks the 3D motion or 6DOF position of objects for advanced real-time motion analysis.

3D Laser Scanner

Add the power of non-contact 3D scanning to the PRO CMM with the ScanTRAK handheld laser scanner. Scan complex surfaces in 6DOF without beam-break issues or mechanical restrictions. With its large measurement volume and shop-floor accuracy, the ScanTRAK delievers best-in-class performance for complex inspection and reverse engineering projects.