Helmel Standard CMMs



Checkmaster is a bench top CMM with steel ways and steel scales on a steel structure in order to offer you uniform linear expansion, minimizing thermal errors. It supports fixed and indexible probe systems, plus hard probe scanning and reverse engineering.

Standard Features:

  • Tubular bridge style design
  • Granite base with 3/8-16 clamping inserts
  • Locks and fine adjustment on all axes
  • 0.5µm (0.00002″) Resolution
  • Wired for Renishaw Touch Probes



Need high precision in small or medium sized parts? Then Microgage is for you. The machine bearings are classified within 120 nanometers in X and Y. The entire Mircogage structure is also thermally shielded, stress-relieved, and vibration dampened.

Standard Features:

  • High precision ball cages on hard and ground ways
  • Non-contact optical scales on steel structure
  • 0.1µm (0.000004″) Resolution
  • Granite sub base for stability
  • Rugged 3-axis joystick pendent



Microstar covers a larger size range from medium to large. Its straight and square construction ensures machine accuracy without reliance on volumetric error correcting software tricks.

Standard Features:

  • Dual beam bridge design
  • Precision bearings on hardened and ground ways
  • Non-contact optical steel scales mounted on steel structure
  • 0.5µm (0.00002″) Resolution
  • 3/8-16 clamping inserts
  • Wired for Renishaw Touch Trigger Probes
  • Rugged 3-axis joystick






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