CMM Controllers

Renishaw’s UCC controller range optimizes the CMM/Probe interface for maximum throughput and accuracy. Ideal for OEM and retrofit applications on a wide variety of CMMs, these flexible controllers provide advanced touch-trigger and scanning algorithms, which allow fast, accurate, adaptive part measurement.

Renishaw UCC2

Universal CMM controller suitable for touch-trigger and scanning probing. UCC2 is also the controller platform for the revolutionary new Renscan5 technology.ucc 2

The UCC2 offers full 4-axis control and scanning capability. Known part adaptive scanning techniques:

  • Cylinder Scan
  • Gasket Scan
  • Grid Scan
  • Automatic Find Center
  • Advanced Data Filtering
  • Advanced Analog Probe Calibration

Renishaw UCClite-2

The UCClite-2 is a simple 3-axis, low cost, touch-trigger operation only CMM controller. It is supplied configured for manualUCC_T3-2 CMMs, but can be upgraded to use on DCC CMMs in touch-trigger mode only.

UCClite-2 can be purchased by itself or in a bundle with SPAlite or SPA2 servo power amplifiers.