About Us

bobier_lab_1Bobier Metrology Solutions offers dimensional measurement inspections under environmentally controlled measurement conditions. With precise temperature, humidity, and cleanliness controls, Bobier Metrology’s dimensional inspection laboratory results are 2 to 5 times more accurate than typical shop floor inspection results. With the precise control of environment, repeatable measurement accuracies of less than 1 micron are possible.

Bobier Metrology services are available to provide fast, accurate results to your design specifications and fast initial measurement (reference) evaluations. Real-time certified measurement results are based on industry-recognized material stabilization requirements. Your specification can be communicated to us by CAD data or drawings.

Bobier Metrology’s dimensional inspection laboratory has a full line of capabilities including 3D measurement, using fixed (stationary) or portable CMM equipment, with touch probe, laser, and optical / vision equipment. Surface finish analysis and roundness measurements are also our specialties.

Portable CMM measurements services are offered in our laboratory or at your location. Portable equipment is capable of measurement volumes of 20 cubic meters and greater.

Measurement results are presented in full-color, easy to read graphical reports, for easy interpretation and to fully visualize part dimensional conditions.


Bobier’s metrology lab is located within an 11,400 sq. ft. fully air conditioned facility

  • High Accuracy Laboratory Specification:
    • 1,520 sq. ft. laboratory area
    • Temperature controlled to 68°F ±1°F
    • Humidity controlled to 40% ±10%
  • Production Precision Laboratory Specifications:
    • 2,500 sq. ft. laboratory area
    • Temperature controlled to 68°F ±2°F
    • Humidity controlled to 40% ±15%
  • Bobier is located between the junction of (2) two major highways (I-75 & I-69), major international ground transport (NAFTA) corridors.
  • Multi-mode transportation hub at Flint Bishop International Airport, featuring a FedEx regional distribution facility and offering Air, Rail, and Ground Shipping Capabilities. This hub is located within 5 minutes from Bobier Metrology Solutions and is designated as an International Free-Trade Zone.
  • Bobier Metrology is also located within Michigan’s “Automation Alley”, which is globally recognized as the center for manufacturing and automotive technologies.