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Simple inspection is becoming a lot easier and faster.

CyberGage360 is the newest inspection machine! 

CyberGage360 lowers cost and shortens time by dramatically speeding up in-process inspection and/or incoming/outgoing parts inspections

High-Precision Accuracy with MRS Technology

  • Quickly generates full 360° automated 3D surface scan with accuracy to 7µm, 0.007mm +L/10000mm

Easy-to-Use with One-Button Simplicity

Fast Scanning in Less than 3 minutes

Work Volume: 200mm diameter x 100mm high cylinder (8″ diameter x 4″ high)

Weight of Part: 4.4lbs max (2.0kg)

System Controllers Embedded: High-performance PC included

The CyberGage360™ has a range of applications from medical to automotive to aerospace to customer electronics, where high accuracy and high speed throughput are important.

Unprecedented speed, accuracy, and one-button simplicity for non-contact automated 3D scanning inspection.

Contact us today for more information on the CyberGage360.


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