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Is your budget ready of a portable CMM that’s accurate and reliable?

NDI’s PRO CMM delivers accurate, reliable 3D measurements using a high-speed Optical Tracker, flexible Multi-Sided Probe and powerful Dynamic Part Referencing.

PRO CMM Optical Tracker

The PRO CMM can measure parts up to 7.5m in a single step with micron level accuracy throughout the measurement volume. It has no moving parts, making it a reliable and proven optical CMM, even outside the stable environment of a controlled quality lab.

Dynamic Part Referencing (DPR)

With Dynamic Part Referencing, an operator can simultaneously move the part, fixture, probe or scanner, even the Optical Tracker itself, and the system will maintain an accurate alignment. Unwanted motion is continuously measured and subtracted, without operator intervention.

 Multi-Sided Probe (MSP)

Each Multi-Sided Probe is factory characterized to ensure accurate measurement regardless of probe orientation. When attached to a pre-calibrated Renishaw tip, you can easily probe visible or hidden features anywhere within the PRO CMM measurement volume.

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We are certified to ISO 17025 allowing us to certify your parts.

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