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Bobier Metrology Solutions Accuracy

Why is the measurement method’s accuracy level your certification provider achieves important to you?

Your reputation depends on the dedication of your gage measurement providers.

The 2-point bench gage used by many calibration companies takes as little as 2 points on your gage.

Are you certain that your gage source is providing the sub-micron accuracies that are required in the new world’s accuracy environment?

Bobier Metrology Solutions’ advanced method for gage certification scans your gage in order to collect thousands of points, increasing accuracy. This is how we can find the rejects.

So again – How do you know if your gages are as accurate as they need to be?

Here is one way: Send us your best certified working gage and enclose the results on this simple gage. We will provide you with an ISO certification for FREE.

You may discover that your current gage source is not as accurate as it needs to be.

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