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4 Point Calibration vs 4000+ Point Calibration

Do you see inconsistencies in your certifications on your master gages?

Many calibration companies are using the 4 point calibration method. With this method, large areas of the ring gage go without being scanned. This leaves opportunity for missing defects on the ring gage, causing measurement error.

At Bobier Metrology Solutions, we use the 4000+ point method. With this method all areas of the ring gage are scanned. This ensures any gage defects are detected and increases measurement accuracy.

With the calibration method that we use we are able to perform measurements that companies using the 4 point method are unable to do, including: roundness and multiple layers.

Due to this method’s improvements in accuracy, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has made it their standard method of measurement.

comparison of uncertainty

The above represents a comparison of Bobier Metrology Solutions to both NIST and an average of the uncertainties represented by accredited laboratories in the United States. Data was collected using posted “ISO/IEC 17025 Certifications of Accreditation” from three major accreditation bodies.

Do you trust getting your measurements from only 2 to 4 points?

Call us today to add your ring gages to our calibration schedule.

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