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Dimensional Measurement

What is a Dimensional Measurement?

Dimensional: A Property of Space

Measurement: A determination of the dimensions, magnitude, or capacity of anything. Measurement is not limited by physical quantities, but can extend to quantifying almost anything imaginable. Examples of measurement range from length, width, and depth to determining the amount of uncertainty of measurements. It is important to know that different kinds of measurements require different techniques.

Metrology: The science and study of measurement

Dimensional Measurement: Is the process of estimating the extent of some specific attribute of an given object, such as its length or depth relative to some standard (unit of measurement), such as a meter or inch.

There are many types of dimensional measurement practices such as trigger point inspection, scanning both 2D & 3D, linear contact comparison, and diametrical contact comparison. These are just a few of the practices out there.

Types of Dimensional Measurement: First Article Inspection, CAD Model Inspection, Reverese Engineering, SPC Data Collection

Why is Metrology Important?

Metrology demands continuous improvement.

Metrology rules and regulations have been written by scholars in their metrology field from many nations world wide. Metrology changes its rules and procedures after careful deliberations between each scholar, to ensure modifications prove beneficial to the science or branch of science that they affect.

Metrology differences have never caused a war or hardship on any nation.

Why Do You Need Dimensional Measurement?

The ability to dimensionally measure a part to a standard, like ANSI Y14.5, enables the mass productions of products. Majority of products are assembled from several different products or “details” manufactured by other smaller manufacturers world wide.This important fact is overlooked by most non-manufacturing people in the world. Unfortunately, they only understand it when it effects them directly, like many changes in the DVD format or even before that with the battle between VHS and Beta.If it was not for the agreements by associations like ILLAC, manufactured details on products could not flow between different manufacturers or countries.

How Can Dimensional Measurement Benefit You?

Dimensional measurement is found in almost every industry from Aerospace to Textiles. The benefits to any one company are numerous. Knowing that the manufactured parts you receive are to specification, will ensure ease of assembly and conformance to your specific design.

In return, you will have control over any waste material, scrap, and the manufacturing of bad parts.

Integrity of the manufacturing process, the design intent, and tested parameters (safety or otherwise) are being kept.

Control of Manufacturing costs, Material and Labor Costs. Thus, keeping $$PROFITABILITY$$ in your company by not making bad part

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