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Bobier Metrology Solution Vs. Big Box

Bobier Metrology Solutions continues to support progressive manufactures with the best metrology equipment available.  How do we know if it is the best?  We only sell what we use every day in our contract inspection business. Our Retrofit team took a 20 year old German CMM FRAME and stripped it to the bone. Then we installed 100% Renishaw wire, servo amps, UCC controller and Probe. We used it to inspect and certify all kinds and sizes of parts to our accredited ISO 17025 specification.  After 1 year we sold this machine to PSC in Indiana once we knew we had a 100% uptime CMM. If you buy a CMM from the big box stores you will become 1 off a 1000 CMM’s in the field that must be supported. One company has 10,000 seats of S/W in the field. Do the math and you will see training must be done in an auditorium with 12 to 40 students measuring a simple training block. However, GTS does not make training blocks. It can be hard for operator to take the concepts of part alignment if it is not a familiar part the work with every day.

Bobier Metrology will train at your plant, or ours, on your parts.  Everything your operator was taught will benefit GTS.  Not just general information that satisfies all the other students with completely different parts than GTS makes.

This is the way we have operated for 65 years and 3 generations. I will remain your contact and not turn you over to different person. Without every customer using our equipment and getting an ROI that adds profit, they will not buy from us again. Over 75% of our business is from current customers.

Whoever sold you the used manual CMM that broke down must now find a new customer. This is harder than keeping the current customer happy. We do this with 10 dedicated folks that understand this rule- KEEP THE CUSTOMER HAPPY! I’ll bet that is the your philosophy also. All of the Bobier team knows GTS worked hard for your AS 9100 as it requires on time deliveries and customers feedback.

Renishaw has the same goal, keep the customer competitive and up and running. Unlike the big box stores that use service as a means to mine money from the customer base by requiring a serviceman to visit your plant to solve issues, Renishaw and Bobier use the RBE system. This Repair by Exchange is used for all the electronics in every retrofitted CMM we sell.  Warranties of up to 3 years are included in our quote. If a probe stops working calls us we will have an RBE Probe shipped the same day.

Remove 1 cable and set screw from the damaged probe and swap in the replacement. Return the damaged probe to Renishaw. All this is <24 hours.

The big box stores’ method is to send out a service man @$125+ per hour to make sure the probe is broken (the error codes are proprietary).   If the probe can not be adjusted, he will not have one and will return to the office for the replacement.  Schedule permitting, he will return and spend a few hours “tuning” the probe. Cost of the rebuilt probe is $6-7K plus $2K for the tech.  I know because we get frantic calls from customers that can not get their proprietary CMM fixed (no RBE). Lots of pressure when parts to ship that need inspection. The choice is yours, big box or RBE service and support.

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